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French Polynesia: nutritional education and enhancement of the food heritage

The association B’SaN Asso participated in the Polynesia Food Innovation Village in 2017.

This project, which was initiated by our partner ASAE Conseil through a “food and innovation village” theme, was a real success with decision-makers and local stakeholders to enable the promotion of health through a balanced diet.

The President of B’SaN Asso was invited as a speaker at this event that brought thousands of people together in three days. A presentation of ICOFAS to local decision-makers and stakeholders was made as well as a presentation to the general public. In addition, ICOFAS workshops were organized in conjunction with Tahitian dieticians to raise the awareness of school-age children about the local food heritage and the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables for their health. Several aspects were discussed by B’SaN Asso during these meetings:

  • The preservation of the food model (pleasure, conviviality, sharing meals for example)

  • Awakening to taste

  • The fight against food waste

  • Taking into account social inequalities in health

  • The valorization of local products

  • The fight against a sedentary lifestyle

  • Promoting the practice of physical activity

The ICOFAS site for the implementation of the artistic activities of nutrition education was presented and the tools will be adapted to the local context of Polynesia within the framework of the implementation of a future project integrating both the aspects of nutritional education and awakening to taste.

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