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atelier éducation nutritionnelle #2


Raise awareness differently … but effectively

B’SaN Asso, in partnership with the Emmaus Health Mission is mobilizing for the great precariousness in metropolitan France. For these specific populations, the awareness created by B’SaN Asso places a favorable diet with a small budget as the thread that is referred to over the long term. They are also helped to project themselves into their future life by showing them some tips and tricks to have a good healthy diet, good habits of life (physical activity, sleep …), make a beautiful presentation simple and little expensive for their future receptions (salty and sweet verrines, fruit skewers, plates Arcimboldo ..) and once they will be independent in their future life. Intervening with very precarious public is a delicate exercise even difficult. There are never any “typical” workshops even if the program is pre-defined from the start.

As part of these workshops, B’SaN Asso adapts his speech to the profile of residents (examples: only women, families with young children and adolescents, homeless on the street, a majority of men active .. .). It is also a heterogeneous population, because of their origins and their cultures. The language barrier is a real challenge to raise on a daily basis because sometimes for a workshop with 10 people, we have 5 or 6 different nationalities with people who speak little or no French at all. For those who understand English, the workshop is in both languages ​​(in English after French). For other languages, the use of images, gestures and mimes is the best way to get the message through, if there are no translators in the group.

For the interventions in Emmaus accommodation centers, the workshops revolve around complementary themes: a first exchange and needs collection workshop is followed by 4 practical workshops during which food benchmarks, related pathologies are discussed. to nutrition. These are also opportunities to “do together and share in a friendly atmosphere”: fruit skewers, sweet verrines, salty verrines, Arcimboldo plates and take the opportunity to bounce on the various messages to pass in filigree. The last session is usually dedicated to the balance sheet and exchanges as well as a small festive meal together.

For interventions with homeless people, we can not go to the level of details of nutritional benchmarks. The gateway is often “cultural” exchanges: where are you from? what do you eat in your country? do you like or know this or that dish? what is the traditional dish in your families? what do you eat everyday? etc … And it is as and when exchanges are discussed that the categories of food and nutritional benchmarks. And also during workshops of “re-discovery of forgotten tastes and flavors”, whose goal is primarily sensory.

  • Develop knowledge and know-how in food

  • Address health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease

  • Boost self-esteem

  • Promote the reconstruction of the social bond through the conviviality related to cooking.

Each time, the workshops include educational information and awareness-raising activities, and practical learning according to the theme.

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