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Provide drinking water in remote areas of Madagascar

In eastern Madagascar, to cope with climate impacts B’SaN Asso with the Wings of Grace international association provides access to drinking water and financial and technical support to the most affected populations.

A cistern is at their disposal to collect rainwater.

  • The tanks are received by boat and transported by trucks or carts to the most remote villages. Engage then a real collaboration with the population which is mobilized for the installation of the cisterns. The rainwater collected by these tanks is filtered and comes out clean for consumption. This project allows the villagers to stop using the water from the river or streams to prepare meals and drink.

  • Carry tanks by carts

  • Prepare the foundation

  • maintain the tank

Access to drinking water required residents of the village located in Fénérive East to spend large sums to buy water cans. Now collecting rainwater saves them money.


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