The association Bien-être Santé Nutrition (Health Wellbeing Nutrition) is chaired by Landy Razanamahefa, PhD in nutrition. With nearly twenty years of experience in the field of nutrition, food security and public health, she has participated significantly in the development of expertise and nutritional risk assessment in France (ANSES).

Within the Health Directorate-General of France (Ministry of Health), she has contributed to piloting the National Nutrition and Health Program (PNNS) and the Obesity Plan (OP), in conjunction with other government plans (Program National Food, Cancer Plan, National Health Environment Plan …).

In charge particularly of the declination of these two plans of public health for the Overseas Territories (West Indies, Guyana, Indian Ocean), she is personally concerned by the health problems related to the malnutrition, the access to the drinking water and healthy living in developing countries. Focal Point France for the work of WHO on “nutrition, physical activity, obesity”, she is co-author of many books, nutrition guides and reports of expertise currently cited as reference documents in the field of nutrition and health .

Coordinating the various strategies and uniting the forces by paying particular attention to the specificities of the different actors, contexts, territories and populations so that the approaches remain consistent with public health priorities in nutrition, this is the vision of the Association Wellness health nutrition.

“Poverty is not inevitable, it can be an effective lever for development if we give ourselves the means to act: together, let’s make the difference”. Landy Razanamahefa, President B’SaN Asso


Believe in change, It’s possible!

Promoting health and well-being is at the heart of our actions. We make every effort to improve the living conditions of individuals, especially children.

  • Raise awareness among local stakeholders, policy makers and stakeholders about the importance of nutrition as a major determinant of health at all ages of life;

  • Develop humanitarian and social actions focused on well-being, nutrition, health and sustainable development;

  • Create social entrepreneurship activities especially in the field of nutrition and access to drinking water;

  • Conduct education and awareness projects, in relation to the purpose of the association;

  • Carry out educational activities for health, the awakening of the child and the preservation of the environment;

  • Deploy interventions and strategies to promote maternal, neonatal and child health, particularly in the fight against malnutrition;

  • Develop support and sponsorship actions to ensure healthy and balanced healthy eating for children in schools;

  • Organize any social work that takes into account the needs of local populations (food distribution, clothing, school materials, educational games, hygiene products ..)

The well-being of the population is at the heart of our concern. We rely on strong expertise to best meet needs through the mobilization of local communities and support from donors, funders and partners. We take into account the issues of food safety and the protection of the environment.

Our values

commitment and solidarity

Our axes

Act for an impact without borders!



It is now essential to strengthen prevention and promotion to health, to respond to the challenge of malnutrition and to facilitate access to information through education and awareness-raising.


Health promotion

In terms of nutrition, good eating habits are learned from childhood. Prevention can be achieved by strengthening knowledge in school and out-of-school on food.


Local development

Promoting living conditions and identifying the nutritional factors that help drive change: this is the best contribution to progress in education, health, financial inclusion, environmental protection and more social issues.



Point of rest as long as poverty and inequality persist. Together, let’s make the difference!

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